Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Carson

     I remember when Sadie and I were in high school, she was my best friend and we loved to hangout by my pool...I think my parents got it to make sure we were always at home, and well it worked! Sadie and I would spend all summer every summer working on our skin cancer and talking about life and the future. A girl can dream! As we got older and in college we would still spend a good bit of time around the pool when we came home in the summer, but things were changing. Sadie got a serious boyfriend in college, Justin, and soon they were engaged! I was so excited for her and being able to watch her dreams come true was such a joy, and still is! We joked and made false You cant get married till I have a boyfriend....she got married and I got to be in her wedding. Then came ok you cant have a baby till I get engaged...she got pregnant and still single! Ha Its funny now...cause deep down inside I knew that I wanted Sadie to be happy even if it did put her a few steps ahead of me in life! Now I cant wait for Sadie's kids to babysit mine one day! Sadie has always wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. And now Sadie and Justin are parents and I still cant believe it. Getting to meet baby carson has been so much fun, since Sadie lives in El Paso, I didnt get to meet him till after christmas (he was born 11.9.12) so I was so excited. The past month of having Sadie and Carson here   has been a wonderful blessing! I am thankful for Sadie and our friendship and to be able to watch her become a wife and mother is crazy awesome!  Lucky for me Sadie let me take some pictures of the adorable baby Carson before they head back home to Texas to be with daddy! So here are some pictures of the cutie! Enjoy!

Carson didn't like the next outfit....but its so cute! 

 "I am gonna to punch you if you don't get me out of this outfit"

I am not a UGA fan...but Carson is now born into it...secretly rooting for him to like AU!

Look at that dimple!

Sweetest dreams!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Youth Conference

Some of you may not know, but I am not just a photographer...actually I am more a Youth Ministry Intern than I am a photographer. I work full time as a intern at First Baptist in Peachtree City, GA. I love my job and I love incorporating my job and my love for photography. This past weekend I went with our students to Gatlinburg, TN where we learned together from the always awesome Crossroads Worldwide staff including, Clayton King, Matt Orth, Charie King and the girls even got to hear from a panel of some great friends of mine. It was a great weekend, and we had a blast learning more about the Lord, worshipping and being challenged together. I am so blessed that I get to do this for a job! I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would have but here a a few.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Branding and Packaging

     I have had so much fun working on my branding over the holiday break. After I came up with my logo, I went crazy and ordered a stack of business cards, (I did not realize so many people would ask me at the Brown wedding for them) and a bunch of fun things to make my new business more professional and official. My favorites are the little kraft paper boxes and the customized flash drives. These two things make packaging my images to give to clients little treasure boxes, and I just love them, and so do my clients. This is definitely something that I found was worth the time and research because it sets my brand and business apart, and clients know that they are going to get a product at the end that is a keep sake, not just the images but the package itself.
Shout out to the following:
Rice Studio Supply- kraft paper boxes
Pexagon Technology- custom flash drives
Vistaprint- business cards
Michaels- paper and ribbon

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tyler's Portraits

January 6, 2013

This past week has been crazy. The new year kicked right off as we took our seniors and college students to passion with 60,000 other people! It was an awesome week of worship, challenges and encouragement. As soon as we arrived home it was time for Tyler's Photo shoot. We were late getting back so we had exactly 1 hour to take pictures before the sunset completely, and though I was worried I think the lighting was perfect and we got some great ones!
     I know Tyler from high school she was in the youth group with me in my class. We went on a couple trips together and when she asked me to take pictures of her for her website that she is creating I was so excited. Tyler is a country music singer on her way to Nashville, and let me just tell ya, she is going places! I am so excited for her to embark on her adventure to be discovered and so glad I could help by capturing her beauty one winter afternoon. So Tyler best of luck to you as you go out and take on Nashville, say hello to T-swift and Faith Hill for me!
Enjoy some of my favorites