Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Branding and Packaging

     I have had so much fun working on my branding over the holiday break. After I came up with my logo, I went crazy and ordered a stack of business cards, (I did not realize so many people would ask me at the Brown wedding for them) and a bunch of fun things to make my new business more professional and official. My favorites are the little kraft paper boxes and the customized flash drives. These two things make packaging my images to give to clients little treasure boxes, and I just love them, and so do my clients. This is definitely something that I found was worth the time and research because it sets my brand and business apart, and clients know that they are going to get a product at the end that is a keep sake, not just the images but the package itself.
Shout out to the following:
Rice Studio Supply- kraft paper boxes
Pexagon Technology- custom flash drives
Vistaprint- business cards
Michaels- paper and ribbon

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