Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tyler's Portraits

January 6, 2013

This past week has been crazy. The new year kicked right off as we took our seniors and college students to passion with 60,000 other people! It was an awesome week of worship, challenges and encouragement. As soon as we arrived home it was time for Tyler's Photo shoot. We were late getting back so we had exactly 1 hour to take pictures before the sunset completely, and though I was worried I think the lighting was perfect and we got some great ones!
     I know Tyler from high school she was in the youth group with me in my class. We went on a couple trips together and when she asked me to take pictures of her for her website that she is creating I was so excited. Tyler is a country music singer on her way to Nashville, and let me just tell ya, she is going places! I am so excited for her to embark on her adventure to be discovered and so glad I could help by capturing her beauty one winter afternoon. So Tyler best of luck to you as you go out and take on Nashville, say hello to T-swift and Faith Hill for me!
Enjoy some of my favorites

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