Monday, April 22, 2013

Auburn, AL: The Last Roll

This time last year I was preparing to graduate from Auburn University. It has almost been a full year since I graduated and sometimes its so hard to believe. This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to Auburn for "The Last Roll." That is what they called it, it was really just a huge Auburn family reunion. A few years ago during Auburn's national championship season a man poisoned the trees trying to steal away our spirit and out of hate for our school. Little did he know it would actually bring us together as a family! One of my favorite things about going to Auburn was the spirit across campus, it is a family where hello is said "war eagle" and thank you is said with a "war eagle!" There is just something unique about that place and I have missed it more than I thought. I got to bring two of my senior girls, Alex and Taylor. This past year I have been discipling them and pouring into them and now they are getting ready to graduate and go off to college! We got to see the famous trees of Toomer's Corner rolled for the last time before they removed them and I got to show the girls around campus a little bit and talk about the next steps in their life! It was such a blessing! Enjoy some of my favorites from the weekend ( disclaimer: most images are simple iphone shots)

 The kiddy tree! 

Fun for the whole family! 

We also got to see sweet Meghan, who is about to finish her freshman year at Auburn and graduated last year from fbcptc! 

So many people, so much toilet paper! yes they were selling it downtown for $5 a roll! 

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