Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Henington Family

I fell in love with this family the moment we met in the parking lot of the Peachtree City Library. They unloaded their car into a wagon, yes they brought enough awesome props to fill a wagon plus more. I knew in that moment that this shoot was going to be good!  Casey and Brandon are an awesome couple who love the Lord and have a such charming personalities. They love each other so much and it was such a joy to take these family pictures. Their sweet little 5 month old is Berkley and she is a doll, her little baby rolls and sweet smile made for the most perfect images.  I discovered the cherry trees driving around town the week after Paige's Shoot and i knew whoever was my next client that we would have to go there! I wasn't the only one to admire the trees though, seriously there were so many people there on sunday taking pictures in the blooms, under the trees and some, yes, even in the trees. We had to fight off golf-carts and bicycles for the shots but it was so worth it. This family is adorable and were such a joy to work with! Enjoy some of my favorites...yes there are a lot, cause well, i just couldn't pick my favorites! 


Look at those legs! 

Look at those beautiful cherry trees! 

Im obsessed with this cuteness!

The piggy bank...later that day it tumbled off the wagon and broke to a million pieces...sad!

What a beauty!

Sweet family!

Sleeping beauty!

Wearing daddy's tie...you could just eat this up!

Baby giggles!

In love with her daddy!


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Duana Jorden said...

These are great! What beautiful scenery to have in the background. It's almost as beautiful to look at at the family in the pictures.