Thursday, April 4, 2013

Picnic with Paige

When Megan, Paige's mom, contacted me she was looking for an outdoor shoot with her sweet 8 month old little girl, and I was so excited! We had originally scheduled to have this shoot on one of the coldest rainiest weeks of spring that we have had. We decided to postpone the day until this past friday and boy was that the perfect day. It was warm and sunny and before all the nasty pollen turned everything yellow. It was the perfect day for Paige's first picnic. I hadn't officially met this sweet family before the shoot, which is always a little concerning, but they were lovely and so easy to work with. Paige had just recently learned to crawl which made it hard to get her to sit still, but she was such a trouper and let us put her in a basket and bucket and loved the camera! Enjoy some of my favorites of this sweet girl! 


Look at that sweet smile!

"Paige in a Pail"

"Look Ma, No hands!"

We had to pause for some lunch...perfect moment!

That smile! 

She was excited to see her daddy!

She enjoys yelling at her toys!

Alone in my Pail in the woods with Sophie! 

 Sweet Family! 

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