Monday, May 6, 2013

Northgate Prom 2013

When Victoria and Ashleigh asked me to help them do their hair and makeup and pictures for prom I was honored...but I knew I needed a I asked my girl Brittany! She has been my lifeline for the past year and a half and she has loved on and invested in these girls, so we made a day of it and had a blast! As Saturday was approaching we knew we were in for a treat...rain, rain, and more rain was all the forecast predicted and boy was it right. It literally rained all day...but what do you do? You make the most of it...and that is exactly what these girls did. We didn't get to shoot in the field of yellow flowers or downtown Newnan...instead we met at a club house and brought the rainboots and umbrellas. I was so thankful that this club house had an awesome porch underway thing and the lighting was actually favorable! These lovely ladies looked beautiful and so grown up! Oh yeah and Taylor and Ryan from last week are back! :D Enjoy some of my favorites! 

Are they models or what?

Making fun of Taylor's Modeling!

You can see the rain falling! 

Charlie's Angels better what out!

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