Friday, June 7, 2013

DIY- Memory Board Frame

So, its time for another DIY Friday post! I am heading out into the woods today with our graduated seniors for their senior trip...Im not a camper by any means so it will definitely be an interesting experience! So here is something for you to work on this rainy weekend, and while you do think of me and the girls who will be out camping in the summer rain (who does that? We do) with the already outdoorsy guys and Mr. Outdoors himself (fellow intern josh)! 

DIY Memory Board Frame:
Seriously this is so easy, and the options are endless, i did this project with $5

What you need:
-a frame (i got mine from walmart, its simple, there are some fun ones at hobby lobby though)
-paint and a brush
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-mini clothes pins (Walmart office section)
-sand paper

Step 1: Sand your board if its already painted...i did not do this first and after the paint dried it scraped right off, so make sure you sand it down where it is still smooth just not glossy paint finish

Step 2: Paint your frame, all edges. Let dry. Add a second coat!

Step 3: Measure out your ribbon, i used 3 rows ( the first can start close to the top because the pictures hang down...

Step 4: Hot glue your ribbon on both sides of the edges. cut off excess ribbon

Step 5: Add clothes pins, and accessorize. I used postal pix (an awesome app that you can order prints straight from your phone, its so easy!) and some cute scrap book paper I had laying around. 

*Note: The options are endless, with the white frame, i used 3 different kinds of ribbon for some added eye appeal. Get creative and make you one this weekend! Instagram it and tag me @spruell_e 

Be creative this weekend! Do something new! 

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