Friday, June 14, 2013

Personal: Glamping

So I didn't have any fun pictures of cute babies or families to share with yall this week so I thought to give you something I'd humorously share about my camping experience last weekend! 
We took our seniors on a camping trip, which all started when they decided they would rather camp instead of go to the beach to save money....ok sounds good in theory....we invited our camping expert church member and loaded up Josh (camping/rock climbing pro) and Lee (also an established camper) and went to a site where they considered it to be "glamping". It may not have been real camping but it was definitely not "glamping".  No a/c, had to drive to use a real toilet, no beds, and lots of bugs....that what it was. It was fun and memorable though, I mean Ill never forget staying up all night in the girls "shelter" crying with laughter at the fact that we were doing it, or the roach that scampered across my face, or the spiders Lee had to kill for us or the bug bites that still cover me, or the campfire conversations and hammock chats. Here are a few pics I took around the campsite....There was a unspoken rule to not take nasty pictures of each there are not people! If you are a camper....i still dont understand you...Ill give camping one more chance in a different season then call it a day!

Oh and on Monday I leave for Hawaii, so be on the lookout for updates on that and pictures galore! 

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